RO-DBT Professional Supervision

Kristen Fritsinger began her training in Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy in 2015.  She was immediately hooked and knew she wanted to learn more about RO-DBT.  She went to additional intensive trainings, acquiring more knowledge each time.  The RO-DBT developer, Dr. Thomas Lynch, invited her to join the senior clinician team, getting more involved with RO-DBT.

She has received clinical supervision from Dr. Lynch.  She was the first RO clinician in the United States to become certified as a R0-DBT supervisor and the first fully accredited US RO-DBT intensive trainer.   Supervision is incredibly beneficial to help clinicians reach treatment adherence and fidelity.

Please contact Kristen for supervision availability.  Clinicians must have attended at least part 1 of a RO-DBT intensive training to receive supervision.  If you have not attended a RO intensive and you are interested, see