Professional Training

(Authorized and Adherent Training)

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An Introduction to Radically Open DBT (RO-DBT) (Minnesota)

This workshop covers the following:

– New biosocial theory of Over-Control
– Describe RO-DBT treatment structure
– Describe new RO-DBT treatment strategy
– Describe new RO-DBT treatment hierarchy

DBT Individual Therapy Mode with Skills Training Overview (Minnesota)

This workshop covers the following:

– Underlying theories of DBT
– Basics of behavioral therapy
– Stages of treatment and priorities in DBT
– Strategies and modes of individual DBT
– Structure of an individual DBT session
– An overview of the DBT skills and Skills Training Class

DBT Skills Training for Helping Professionals (Minnesota)

This workshop covers the following:

– Learn the skills your clients are learning
– Learn how to teach the skills
– Learn how to do diary cards
– Learn the rules of DBT skills training