Adolescent DBT Program

The adolescent program is researched by Jill H. Rathus and Alec L. Miller. It’s an adaptation of the Dialectic Behavior Therapy program developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph. D.

All of the normal modes of the therapy are required:

  • Individual DBT Therapy (each adolescent must be working with a therapist at our facility.)
  • Skills Training Group
  • Telephone coaching to the client
  • DBT Consultation to the therapist

The length of treatment for the adolescents at our offices is 24 weeks of skill training, with individual therapy happening concurrently. (Some family sessions are scheduled as part of the individual therapy when this would be helpful for the client.) The telephone coaching is for the adolescent to help them learn to apply the skills they are learning to their real life situation. This occurs with the individual therapist.

The skills training group is 24 weeks for 2 hours a week. Each adolescent must be accompanied by a consistent parent/guardian. Both parents are invited, if they choose. Both the adolescents AND the parents are expected to participate in the group, and are asked to complete homework each week.

The skills group consists of 5 units.

  • Core Mindfulness (this is a one week unit that is repeated at the beginning of each of the other 4 units.)
  • Distress Tolerance Unit
  • Emotion Regulation Unit
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Unit
  • Finding the Middle Path Unit

Skills training groups are semi-open with admission occurring at the beginning of each skills unit.

Please Call for information on Days and Times of Groups.

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