RO-DBT Intensive Training

DBT Associates (RO & DBT Training Partners) are proud to announce that we are co-sponsoring the upcoming Minneapolis RO DBT Intensive training with Dr. Thomas Lynch, Dr. Nicole Little, and, our very own, Kristen Fritsinger, LICSW.

Dates: November 11-15, 2019. This program is SOLD OUT and registration is closed…

APA Credits: 35

Course overview

This intensive training provides a strong foundation in the theory and practice of RO DBT including:

  • A transdiagnostic approach to treatment
  • The neuroregulatory model
  • The bio-social theory for overcontrol
  • Treatment strategies for activation of the PNS social safety system
  • The importance of pro-social co-operative signalling – strategies and skills
  • Assessing overcontrol
  • Treatment structure
  • Radical Openness and self enquiry
  • Strategies for maintaining the OC client in therapy
  • Individualising treatment targets
  • RO states of mind
  • RO skills
  • Treating envy and bitterness
  • Role play and case studies
  • Micro-analytic supervision

Workshop Location:

Melrose Center 
3525 Monterey Drive 
St. Louis Park, MN  55416